APP186: Banner Text Approval

Is the Legal Department approved banner text, when supported by the application, displayed at all entry points where a user initially signs on or is authenticated?

Guidance: If there is a need to support banner text, Legal-approved banner text must be displayed at all entry points where a user initially signs on either from local or remote access.

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    QuickView does support custom banner text. To do so select Tools > Tasks and add or modify the FormExtensions as follows:

    The next time that you start QuickView you will see the above notice:

    Here's the source code for the above task:

    Imports MicroMedia.WinForms
    Imports MicroMedia.Client
    Overrides Sub OnLoad(Form As CForm) 
      If TypeOf Form Is frmLogon Then 
        Dim Notice = CType(Form, frmLogon).Notice
        Notice.Text = 
          "<b>Important Notice</b><br>" &
          "You are authorized to use this system for approved business purposes only. Use " & 
          "for any other purpose is prohibited. All transactional records, reports, e-mail, " &
          "software, and other data generated by or residing upon this system are the " &
          "property of the Company and may be used by the company for any purpose. " &        
          "Authorized and unauthorized activities may be monitored."
        End If   
    End Sub

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