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What's QuickView?

TryItNow QuickView is a report storage and management system that uses COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disk) technology to store vast amounts of reports extracted from the spool files of a host system (IBM ES/9000 (MVS and VSE), IBM AS/400, IBM RS/6000, HP, NCR and many others). Using templates your data comes alive and you can index, query and sort it. You can print using form overlays, export, fax, email and distribute your reports with ease.

Version 6 is now available

This new version has an improved user interface, much similar to the one in Microsoft Outlook. We have licensed the same compression technology used by compression utilities such as Winzip and LHArc. As a result you will see at least a 50% space savings on your report databases. This will allow you to place at least twice as many report databases in the same volume.

Who is using QuickView?

QuickView has attracted many users from banking, manufacturing and distribution, hospitals, publishers, etc. - in fact, any sphere of industry where customer service, long term data security, archiving and audit trails are important.

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