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DataStore is a Windows application, that collects information from several sources, validates, integrates and stores them in a data repository and acts as a single provider of data to external or internal applications. DataStore is used by Bank personnel to configure and control the Internet Banking module.

Services provided by DataStore include:

Internet Banking

Data Repository

DataStore consolidates information from multiple sources, which otherwise act as separate entities without coordination and cross validation, into a single repository which is then used as a data provider for banking applications such as Internet Banking. DataStore repository resides in a Microsoft SQL Server database and collects data from the following sources:

IBM AS/400 Banking Database

The core banking application typically resides on an IBM AS/400 database. The design of the core banking application typically does not allow data to be provided without interruption. The database on the AS/400 is closed each day for routine maintenance and update. At times when the data in the AS/400 is open and available, DataStore will replicate a predefined subset of tables to an SQL Server database. The synchronization is done automatically in a predetermined time frame. The synchronization interval within this period can be as short as just a few minutes. This ensures that the data on the SQL server database is near to real time.

Document Images

Item processing equipment captures the MICR encoded line in each document along with an image of it. The Federal Reserve Bank provides an optional image CD or a transmission file for documents processed through their system. Most banks also have their own item processing equipment that captures the documents' MICR encoded line and image. DataStore consolidates all these images into a single repository. A built-in image reconciliation subsystem validates the image data and reconciles them with data from the AS/400 banking application. Any discrepancies are reported and tools are provided to eliminate any discrepancies.


QuickView is MicroMedia's report management system, which captures reports from the IBM AS/400 and other sources into a single report repository. Reports are captured as soon as they are available on the AS/400. Reports are classified and indexed and made available for viewing or printing. With QuickView and DataStore you can process reports, such as Account Statements. Among the functions that are included:

  • Separate the statements by account.
  • Order the statements by any field contained within the report, or by any fields within the AS/400 database, such as geographic codes.
  • Selectively print statements.
  • Attach document images to each statement.
  • Attach a marketing flyer.

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