APP030: Digital Certificates & Certificate Authority (CA)

If digital certificates are used, are they issued by an EATDS approved CA?

Guidance: Digital certificates used by the application should be issued by EATDS approved certificates providers. Self-signed certificates are strongly discouraged, but may be acceptable for testing purposes, PGP, and point-to-point secure file transfer where endpoint authentication is not a critical requirement or can be satisfied with some compensating controls (See the EATDS Position paper at CA Usage).

To use digital certificates issued by CAs that are not EATDS-approved.

'N/A' is acceptable only when digital certificates are not used.

  • JE

    A x509.v3 certificate is needed if you plan to use Windows Message Security to encrypt data in transit. You can use your own certificate issued by your approved Certificate Authority.

    Please refer to the Encrypting Communications page for additional information.

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January 21, 2021 05:55 PM